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Sticky Learning & Kick-Ass Presentations

Whether you’re a professional speaker or occasional presenter, this training will take your skills to the next level. This full day, interactive, hands-on workshop is designed to show you how to create memorable and engaging training experiences.

The goal of any training is to change people’s behaviour. If your audience can’t retain and recall what they just learned, then what was the point? This workshop will teach effective techniques to make your ideas stick with your audience. This includes some small changes to testing and quizzes that make a big difference.
You don’t need to be an artist to create great looking slides. Put an end to “death by PowerPoint” by learning proven techniques for engaging slide design and visuals. Learn to use PowerPoint effectively by harnessing its own editing capabilities.

You’ve got to be joking! Dan draws on his experience as a stand-up comedian to show you how to write jokes, tell funnier stories and inject humour into any talk or presentation. The focus is on what you can do – and you’re guaranteed to leave this workshop with skills that you can apply immediately and that will serve you for the rest of your life.
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Effective Communicator Workshop

Great communication skills are essential at home and in the workplace, regardless of your industry. Dan draws in his years of experience as patrol officer and police trainer to show you how to turn up your likeability to increase your influence and gain cooperation quickly. This workshop teaches effective and usable techniques to enhance your ability to adapt the way you communicate with others – small changes that make a big impact. This isn’t just about talking, these techniques extend to body language and even email.
Here is some feedback for the Effective Communicator Workshop (Clearwater County Employees):
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Very entertaining speaker, kept me interested all day. Lots of realistic examples.
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Dan is 100% awesome! He is very knowledgeable and gave lots of examples that are applicable to our work setting.
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Don’t change a thing, the course was awesome!
Here are just some of the topics that will be covered in this 8 hour course:
-          Building rapport
-          Respect & professionalism
-          Persuasion techniques
-          Gaining cooperation
-          Dealing with difficult people
-          Active listening
-          The DiSC model of effective communication
This classroom session includes videos, case studies and group exercises. The emphasis is on learning effective techniques that students can begin using immediately.
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Keeping Crowds Safe

This full day training course is designed for security professionals and those in industries that deal with large crowds. The focus is on creating and maintaining a safe environment for crowds at concerts, bars, sporting events and outdoor festivals. Topics include crowd psychology, site design, queuing, and preventing crowd disasters. This course combines case studies and practical exercises that will greatly enhance your staff’s ability to reduce risk by identifying hazards and prevent disasters before they happen.
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Verbal Trauma Control: Enhanced Life Saving Communications

Verbal Trauma Control is the use of specific words to set the course for rapid rapport, calm and confidence.   Whether you are speaking to a child or adult, it is nice to know that there is a way to know exactly what to say, especially when seconds count.  Also known as Verbal First Aid, it gives you the tools to be prepared for any emergency, whether you are a citizen, 9-1-1 operator or a responder who attends the scene, or works within a health care facility.
We all hope that in crisis, we’ll know what to say… in reality, it may be one of the hardest jobs
Anastasia Bolton - First People to Help: A rare conversation with 911 Dispatchers (Aurora Theatre Shooting, August 2012)
Positive and purposeful communication is music for the fear-response part of the brain.   These skills will empower anyone, especially 9-1-1 professionals, citizens (parents), daycare workers and emergency responders because they will understand how the mind works when it is in danger.  Then, they will harness the secret power and reframe through language and empathy techniques in order to create a calm and healing environment. This is a perfect augment to standard first aid procedures.  Begin the healing process, while waiting for help to arrive.
Provided in one and 2-hour seminar.  4-hour and full-day certificate.  
Designed by Fraser Training Solutions, content of this course is part of a major Canadian Public Safety Communications 9-1-1 Training Syllabus.  It has been presented nationally and internationally since 2009 with positive feedback.